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Meditation classes in La Sierra

Thursdays at 18:30 p.m.

with Gen Kelsang Tsongmo

The teachings of Buddhism are valid and very practical for everyone. They are tips that help us analyze situations and resolve them in a different way... feeling peace within us and great satisfaction. For this reason they are very useful for everyone, regardless of their beliefs and lifestyles.

In these classes you will learn how to overcome the stress that causes us to feel that we do not have controlled situations.

How to act calmly and wisely in the face of the unexpected.

How to help others without feeling like we're wearing ourselves out trying.

How to enjoy life even if we have difficulties and problems

And definitely, to be happy and help others to be happy too.

These classes will be guided by Gen Kelsang Tsongmo, our resident teacher, meditation teacher, who helps us through her clear, close and heartfelt explanations, which arise from her long experience in applying these meditations to her own life.

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  • Thursday

    at 18: 30h

  • Price range

    €8 loose class. You can consult our Bonuses and Kadampa Cards

  • Site

    KMC Madrid La Sierra

    C/ Del Guerrero, 27 El Boalo

With simple and very practical meditations both for people who are just starting out and for those who want to go deeper. You can join at any time.

  • Oct 20 The faults of hate
  • Oct 27 Why we get angry…. hate is a reaction….
  • 03 Nov The patience to willingly accept suffering I
  • 10 Nov The patience of willingly accepting suffering II
  • 17 Nov The patience to definitely think about the Dharma
  • 24 Nov The patience of not taking revenge
  • 01 dec · The patience of not taking revenge II
  • 09-11 dec · End of Cycle Retreat: Peace Getaway “Learn to let go”
G tsongmo-Pf


Guen Kelsang Tsongmo is the resident teacher of the Kadampa Vajrayana Meditation Center in Madrid and a sincere disciple of the venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso since 20 years ago.

His affable and close character makes his classes enjoyable and practical, so that we can put meditation into practice in our daily lives, in a simple way.

Getting Here


Line 672 from Moncloa
(Stop: Av. de los Linares Colonia La Maliciosa)



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“The purpose of meditation is to pacify and calm the mind.

When our mind is serene,

we stop having worries and problems,

and we enjoy real happiness.”


Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

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