International Festivals of Modern Kadampa Buddhism

Fall Festival 2022

14 – 20 October at KMC New York

Every year the NKT-IKBU organizes a comprehensive program of special Buddhist and meditation courses that explain how to put the Buddha's teachings (the Dharma) into practice in modern life. This program includes international festivals, national festivals and Dharma celebrations.

These Dharma festivals and celebrations offer a precious opportunity to study and practice the special presentation of Buddhism taught by the Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, the founder of the NKT.

Events vary in length from two days to two weeks, but whatever it is, they all offer a different kind of holiday – a chance to stop the hectic daily grind and focus on the things that really matter. Upon your return, you will return not only relaxed and refreshed, but also with your spiritual energy recharged.

Everyone is welcome!

comillasModern Buddhism is a special presentation of the Buddha's teachings, designed especially for people in the modern world. It is a practical way of life, based on wisdom and compassion, and open to everyone regardless of age, gender, race or faith. International festivals are the best evidence of this.

Come share a truly inspiring experience and a meaningful vacation together with like-minded people from over 40 countries.